Night sweats during the Menopause

Night sweats during the Menopause

Night sweats and hot flushes can make for an uncomfortable and difficult night’s sleep, especially when it comes to the menopause. Changes in hormone levels can affect your ability to regulate body temperature, making it increasingly difficult to stay cool and sleep well.

Wearing the right clothing in bed and investing in good quality bedding may not seem like a lot, but this could help improve your sleep significantly when it comes to night sweats.

Wearing loose and light clothing, using cooling bedding products, as well as 100% cotton sheets, will contribute to that more comfortable night’s sleep you’ve been waiting for.

So, how can CoolSoft Sleep help?

CoolSoft has created an innovative, high-performance fabric, providing an instant cool-to-the-touch feel. It also offers other significant benefits, such as regulating body temperature. CoolSoft has created a uniquely-developed fabric which allows heat to be conducted away from your body 300% more than polyester fabric, which gives it its cooling feel.

CoolSoft products will help to relieve your night sweats. You may still perspire, however, CoolSoft is able to wick and evaporate moisture over 5 times more than standard mattress fabrics, allowing you to stay more comfortable while you sleep.

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