Memory Foam Mattresses

Memory Foam Mattresses

Memory foam mattresses are very popular, but could these be causing your night sweats?

While memory foam is a great choice for providing support, you may find your temperature in bed increases, causing night sweats. To enable memory foam to work properly, it heats up with your body and moulds to your shape, however, this it can leave you very sweaty and uncomfortable, resulting in a sleepless night.

For some people the answer would be to buy another mattress, but they don’t come cheap and that isn’t always an option, so how can you cool down your memory foam?

Using mattress toppers are a great way to prevent you from overheating. CoolSoft’s Cooling Mattress Topper can stop the mattress from retaining your body heat and allow moisture to be wicked away from you. Trying a different pillow could also help. If your head is cooler this can help to keep your body cool, allowing for a more comfortable sleep. Cooling pillows tend to come with gel pads within them, however CoolSoft’s Pillow is different. The technology is in our fabric, meaning the fabric is cool-to-the-touch so your head can still sink into pure luxury without a gel insert getting in the way.  

You may also want to think about the temperature of your room as this could be aiding your night sweats more than you think. Lowering your thermostat by a couple of degrees could make all the difference to your night’s sleep and prevent you from overheating.

So, if you find that you are quite a warm sleeper, you may want to avoid a memory foam mattress as this will exacerbate the heat in bed considerably. If you already have one and find your sleep is being broken, then why don’t you take a look at our CoolSoft Products to find out how we can help reduce heat and prevent night sweats?

Sweet dreams.