Cooling Pillow

Get your head down.

A classic pillow with CoolSoft™ instant-cool-to-the-touch technology on the outside.

With 1000 gram Goose Down & Feather filling, let your head sink into pure luxury and comfort

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Comfort & Luxury

A pillow that is oh so dreamy, designed with you in mind. We know how important a pillow is when it comes to sleep, which is why we have developed a luxury pillow to help you achieve your perfect 8 hours.

Innovative Technology

Designed with an instant cool-to-the-touch feel, our pillow is cooling and temperature regulating, using new Mica Ore technology.

CoolSoft™’s specially engineered fabric can conduct heat over 300% more than standard fabrics. This is what gives it the cool feel with no uncomfortable gel pads getting in the way.

A Cooler Night’s Sleep

Do you prefer to be cool in bed?

Our highly breathable pillow is moisture disperses and evaporates moisture over 5 times more than conventional fabrics helping to create a more comfortable sleeping environment without you feeling uncomfortable.

The Perfect Balance

Our pillow has a 1000g Goose Down and Feather filling and we believe we have found the perfect balance between comfort and support. Soft enough to let your head sink down while keeping your head elevated enough to support you throughout the night.

Designed like a pillow within a pillow this will help to prevent feathers from penetrating through and interrupting your sleep.

Changing the way you sleep.
Features and benefits.

Instant cool-to-the-touch

Conducting heat away from the body – CoolSoft even feels cool to the touch!

Absorbs moisture

Wicking and evaporating moisture for a comfortable night’s sleep.

Extremely comfortable & soft

Quilted with 450 gram virgin polyester providing optimum sleeping comfort.

Easy to fit

Quick and easy to fit, leaving even more time for your beauty sleep!

Hygienic & anti-allergenic

Ideal for allergy sufferers. Safe to use and easy ti dry clean.

Looks fresh

Abrasion and pilling resistant to ensure our products look fresher for longer.

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