10 Jan 2019

5 top tips for a better night’s sleep…

Some like it cool

‘Some like it hot’, to quote Marilyn Monroe, although many studies have shown that keeping it cooler under the sheets is the key to a better night’s sleep. Keeping the temperature cooler at night allows you to drift off faster and deeper to the land of nod. We may no longer be in the summer months but not all of us just struggle in the 30-degree heat, night sweats and hot flushes can happen all year round. Try to invest in cooler bedding and nightwear, take a cool shower or bath before bed and keep a cold glass of water by the bed for good measure.


Get your head down

Your head is the most important part of your body so doesn’t it not make sense to have a pillow that is truly luxury for your noggin? So, what is the perfect pillow? Well at the end of the day it is down to personal choice. Some people prefer firm pillows, some prefer medium, while others opt for soft that decision is yours. It is important to keep in mind that if you do suffer from night sweats, certain pillows can retain heat interrupting your sleep. Our CoolSoft Pillow offers medium support combined with cool-to-the-touch fabric to keep you comfortable and cooler at night.


Stick to a schedule

Sticking to a sleep schedule can be hard, especially when you get caught up binge watching your favourite shows on Netflix! ‘Just one more episode’, famous last words, right? By the time Friday rolls around you’re crawling out of bed and tripping up over those eye bags! Set yourself a cut-off point and stick to it! We need 7-9 hours sleep to feel our best and take on the world, make sure you’re ready for it!


Avoid caffeine

Everyone has been there, the late afternoon drag at work where a boost of caffeine helps you through to the end of the working day, however, this could be affecting you more than you realise. Caffeine after 2pm could really be affecting your sleep, so adopt a new habits and cut it down! We aren’t saying going cold turkey is the best action, but track what you drink and steadily reduce your intake. Switch your coffee after 2pm for a camomile or a fruit tea instead, and I you should start to notice a difference.


Black it out

Who else falls asleep with the TV on in the background? Or gets into bed and ends up scrolling through your phone for hours on end? Artificial light can cue your brain to wake up and spring back into action. This limits melatonin release and makes it harder to fall asleep and stay asleep! Turn the gadgets off an hour before bedtime and keep them off. You will drift off much faster and easier and be thankful for it in the morning.


We know our CoolSoft Mattress Topper and Pillow can help with two of these points offering an instant cool-to-the-touch feel with our innovative high-performance fabric. Our CoolSoft technology has been developed by adding fine particles of mica ore crystals to the fibre melt spinning process, creating fibres which are then layered to form a cool function yarn that can help reduce those night sweats and keep you cooler at night. Both our toppers and pillows are extremely comfortable offering that new level of luxury to your sleeping environment that you deserve.

The rest, I’m afraid, is up to you…

Sleep tight.

Changing the way you sleep.
Features and benefits.

Instant cool-to-the-touch

Conducting heat away from the body – CoolSoft even feels cool to the touch!

Absorbs moisture

Wicking and evaporating moisture for a comfortable night’s sleep.

Extremely comfortable & soft

Quilted with 450 gram virgin polyester providing optimum sleeping comfort.

Easy to fit

Quick and easy to fit, leaving even more time for your beauty sleep!

Hygienic & anti-allergenic

Ideal for allergy sufferers. Safe to use and easy to dry clean.

Looks fresh

Abrasion and pilling resistant to ensure our products look fresher for longer.

What our customers say

The CoolSoft mattress topper and pillow has improved my quality of sleep so much! I'd recommend any menopausal ladies to try them if you're suffering from the dreaded night sweats. Not only do I no longer wake up in a pool of sweat each night, but my husband is also sleeping better, as I no longer toss and turn all night - result!

Treacy Bird


The CoolSoft Mattress Topper is brilliant. At first, I was dubious about it working but the very first night using it I could tell a difference! I woke up for the first time in a long time have had a restful sleep and feeling refreshed. Being of menopausal age and suffering hot flushes at night I just can't recommend this enough! It also has such a lovely soft feel and is so comfortable to sleep on and love how it stays put due to the corner straps which holds it in place.

Sam Hinchliffe


Having had my pillow for a few months now I can honestly say it has made a big difference in my sleeping, I have a cooler head which I hadn’t had for such a long time, especially going through the menopause. It’s amazing, soft and totally goes above my expectations. A little expensive some would say but to me, it’s been an investment in my health and worth every penny. Absolutely delighted with my purchase.

Karen Fucella


Wow, I honestly can't rate the pillow and mattress topper enough! Having suffered from restless legs and hot flushes in bed for well over 12 months having countless bad nights sleep, since having these I have never slept so good! My husband often comments that since having these I have done nothing but snore and keep him awake at night! I have been recommending these to everyone I know (especially being of a certain age) not only because they are lovely and cool but comfortable as well, I cannot believe the difference they have made to my sleep! Worth every penny.

Lynn Pilling


Great product - very impressed with the cooling abilities and exceptional comfort. I've always struggled to find a pillow that I'm 100% happy with, but this ticks all the boxes. Thanks again, CoolSoft! Highly recommended.

Chris Leban


I bought the CoolSoft Pillow as a Christmas present for my partner. It came the day after I ordered it and he still tells everyone how amazing it is, he says he has never slept so well it stays cool all night. Highly recommend this to anyone.

Matilda Tosh


Love my pillow and topper. Both really comfy. Free next-day delivery too which I didn't expect! It actually works and is really cold when you touch it! Tried other cheaper options and they just didn't work as this does.

Denise Weston


I purchased CoolSoft Mattress Topper and Pillows, they have been great in helping me to get a great nights sleep. Love the cool feel when I get into bed. I would rate it 5, I would recommend it.

Dawn Holland


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