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How to beat Night Sweats

17 Jan 2019

How can I reduce night sweats and hot flushes?

Sleep can be one of those things that elude many people, tossing and turning, waking up with the dreaded hot flushes and night sweats. Many of us suffer sleeping during the hotter summer months, but not all of us struggle only during this time, it can last all year round.

Hot flushes and night sweats are not uncommon, especially when it comes to menopause or illness. Changes in hormone levels can affect your ability to regulate body temperature making it increasingly difficult to enjoy a night’s sleep. However, there are many helpful habits you can undertake that can assist with the relief of night sweats.

  • Using cooling pillows and cooling sprays
  • Keeping your bedroom cool at night
  • Taking a cool shower before bed or drinking a cold drink
  • Have a fan handy for next to you bed
  • Removing unnecessary sheets and blankets
  • Dress in lightweight clothing for bed


So, how can CoolSoft Sleep help?

CoolSoft has created a uniquely developed fabric which allows heat to be conducted away from the body and moisture to be wicked and evaporated away, helping to keep you cooler at night.

Our mattress topper is quilted and with an instant cool-to-the-touch feel. Easy to fit, remove and wash. Simply pull your bed sheet over the top for optimum cooling feel and performance.

Our pillow offers medium support and has CoolSoft instant-cool-to-the-touch technology on the outside. With 1000-gram goose down and feather filling; let your head sink in to pure luxury and comfort.

We offer both a mattress topper and pillow as a bundle to keep you doubly cool under the sheets. Not only does CoolSoft provide an instant cool-to-the-touch, it is also extremely comfortable so you can finally get that great night’s sleep you have always wanted.

You’re welcome.

Sweet dreams.

Changing the way you sleep. Features and benefits.

Instant cool-to-the-touch

Conducting heat away from the body – CoolSoft even feels cool to the touch!

Absorbs moisture

Wicking and evaporating moisture for a comfortable night’s sleep.

Extremely comfortable & soft

Quilted with 450 gram virgin polyester providing optimum sleeping comfort.

Easy to fit

Quick and easy to fit, leaving even more time for your beauty sleep!

Hygienic & anti-allergenic

Ideal for allergy sufferers. Safe to use and easy ti dry clean.

Looks fresh

Abrasion and pilling resistant to ensure our products look fresher for longer.

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What our customers say

“I really cant thank you enough for the CoolSoft™ pillow and topper. I absolutely love them both. They are extremely comfortable and the topper has provided me with relief on my hip pressure point.”

“CoolSoft™ delivers exactly what is says, providing a cool-to-the-touch feel and has stopped me waking up in the night feeling hot and uncomfortable. It was also easy to fit to my bed.”

“CoolSoft™ products are great – love the pillow, it's so comfortable and feels nice, cool, soft and bouncy.”

“The CoolSoft™ mattress topper is great and very comfortable. I would definitely recommend CoolSoft™. Great quality products.”

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