The CoolSoft™ MenoMat

Designed with menopausal women in mind. To aid a more comfortable night’s sleep for those who suffer from night sweats or hot flushes before, during or after the menopause.

Pop your pillow into the pillow sleeve and enjoy the cooling and more importantly the moisture wicking effects, not only on your body but on your head too, without it bothering your partner.

By effectively absorbing body heat, the fabric warms up where you lie, (This will leave you with cool areas to move into should you wake up) While simultaneously wicking away moisture, ensuring you stay dry and comfortable. The unique dual action creates an optimal sleep environment, reducing the frequency of waking up during the night and leaving you feeling more refreshed in the morning.

Small & portable, you can take it anywhere so you never miss out on a better night’s sleep even on your holidays!

The MenoMat wicks and evaporates moisture caused by sweat, keeping your bed dry and is machine washable, to help keep it clean and fresh, without losing its cooling effects.

Whilst initially created to alleviate night sweats for menopausal women, our MenoMat has proven versatile, providing relief for pregnant women, offering portability on camping/caravan/motorhome trips and holidays, and assisting individuals recovering from surgery’s or managing conditions that cause elevated body temperature.

You can even flip it upside down, and place the pillow sleeve at your feet, turn the sleeve inside out and pop your feet in.

Providing you with cooling relief wherever life takes you.

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