An innovative high-performance fabric providing an instant cool-to-the-touch. It offers other significant benefits such as regulating body temperature to provide a better sleeping environment.

We are also proud to announce that our CoolSoft Pillow has been awarded ‘Best Sleep Aid’ in the Health & Wellbeing Magazine 2019 awards!

Making sleep a priority. Get your 8 hours sleep and save money too!

We know the importance of a good night’s sleep.

CoolSoft is an innovative high performance fabric providing an instant cool-to-the-touch, and offers significant other benefits such as regulating body temperature to provide a better sleeping environment.

Our CoolSoft technology has been developed by adding fine particles of mica ore crystals to the fibre melt spinning process, creating fibres which are then layered to form a cool function yarn.

Not only does CoolSoft provide an instant cool-to-the-touch it is also extremely comfortable, adding a new level of to your sleeping environment.

CoolSoft Mattress Topper

  • Conducts heat away from the body
  • Instant cool-to-touch
  • Wicks and evaporates moisture
  • Extremely comfortable and luxurious feel
  • Abrasion and pilling resistant
  • Cooling mica fibre technology
  • Quick and easy to fit

Changing the way you sleep.
Features and benefits.

Instant cool-to-the-touch

Conducting heat away from the body – CoolSoft even feels cool to the touch!

Absorbs moisture

Wicking and evaporating moisture for a comfortable night’s sleep.

Extremely comfortable & soft

Quilted with 450 gram virgin polyester providing optimum sleeping comfort.

Easy to fit

Quick and easy to fit, leaving even more time for your beauty sleep!

Hygienic & anti-allergenic

Ideal for allergy sufferers. Safe to use and easy to dry clean.

Looks fresh

Abrasion and pilling resistant to ensure our products look fresher for longer.

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